I found a number of photos in an envelope cancelled at Bramshott, Hants, 8 Feb 1916. They appear to have been taken in both Canada and in England and I have found all the names annotated on reverse on the nominal roll of the 34th Bn. I have provided the annotation written on the back of the photo.

'Our troop train at Montreal'

'Also on the troop train'

'Poor picture on deck of California'

'Old hut Hammer' [probably Hammer, Hampshire]

'Quaint shop' [Haslemere, Hampshire]

'Filling mattresses with straw'

'Rose, Copperthwaite, Howden, Honey'


Inscription from Martin Bluethner:  Around the stove in our hut. Honey on bench with his back turned. 1916.
Inscription from Martin Bluethner:  Some of the Sergeants in our Mess Smoking Room.
Plume in front on the right. The little window at the back with one fellow looking out is the bar, and he is the caterer. 1916
'A bunch at the ranges'

'Rose, Baxter, Learman, Copperthwaite, Willoughby, Bluethner'
'Some of the fellows'

'Uncle Alfie'


  1. What a wonderful surprise to find out something about the Grandfather I never knew. Thank you so much for taking the time to publish this.
    Karen Young eldest daughter of Robert Young, son of Clarence and Dorothy Young.

  2. Hi Karen, I am very glad you like the site. Please get in contact with me, I am at, I'd love to hear about your family.